Free entertainment for hotel guests

  • Outdoor barbeque
  • Fishing in the Curonian Lagoon
  • Children’s playground
  • Table tennis in the hotel hall

By visiting us, you can also

  • Visit the Maritime Museum and the Dolphinarium http://muziejus.lt (information tel. +37046492250), Ethnographic seaside fisherman’s homestead complex and Boat-veterans exposition.
  • To jog allong fitted jogging paths.
  • To pass the fitness path and test the strength in various obstacles.
  • To relax at Smiltyne Health Bathhouse on the beach (lifeguard station).
  • To catch the waves of the Baltic Sea at any time of the year and search for golden amber pieces in the beach sand.
  • To ride a bicycle along the sea and comfortable forest paths, leading towards Juodkrante, Preila, Pervalka and Nida.
  • To travel to the old town of Klaipeda by pedestrian ferry. Only ten minutes – and you are already in the heart of Old Memel!
  • To go to the sea gate to meet the approaching ships and see off the leaving ones, as well as admire the amazing sunset.
  • To take a trip to a romantic town of Juodkrante, climb up to the Hill of Witches, taste freshly smoked lagoon fish, visit the weather vane museum.
  • To visit one of the largest heron and cormorant colonies in Europe situated next to Juodkrante (immediately behind Juodkrante, 20th km).
  • To take a trip to the observation deck on Avikalnis and enjoy a unique view of the lagoon and the Baltic Sea (25 km).
  • To wander in the dunes located between Juodkrantė and Pervalka, at Nagliai Nature Reserve, where once fishermen villages had been covered by sand. They are called the grey dunes because of unique vegetation and ravines blown by winds (31 km).
  • To climb up to a Vecekrug hill (the dune of old tavern) located between Preila and Nida, at Karvaiciai Landscape Reserve – it is the highest dune in the Curonian Spit (67.2 m).
  • To wander along the paths of Parnidis dune (53 m.) – the most beautiful corner of the Curonian Spit in Nida, admire the Sundial and find a small boat on the lagoon waterfront that will put you over the lagoon to the green Minge village, also known as the Venice of Lithuania, and other beautiful places on the Spit.

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